November 8, 2022

Exhibition sheds light on history of Palestinian heritage, handicrafts

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KUWAIT: The Palestinian Culture Center, in cooperation with the Palestinian Embassy in Kuwait, inaugurated the 55th Palestinian heritage exhibition at Kuwait Graduates Society. Palestinian Ambassador to Kuwait Rami Tahboub said this annual exhibition, which is held twice a year, aims to shed light on Palestinian heritage and handicrafts, which are the main part of the Palestinian identity.

“Due to the situation that Palestine is going through, from permanent attempts by the (Zionist) occupation to steal Palestinian heritage, we display our handcrafts and products regularly in all countries of the world to explain the history of Palestinian heritage, which is thousands of years older than the occupation,” he said.

Tahboub praised the efforts of Palestinian and Kuwaiti volunteers who are standing side by side in the exhibition. “The Kuwaiti position towards the Palestinian cause is a 100 years old. Kuwait has been supporting Palestinian people, even before 1936, before the arrival of the first waves of Palestinian teachers to Kuwait,” he said. “There has been great support from the Kuwaiti people for the Palestinian people since the early twenties of the last century. For decades, Kuwait has provided support to the Palestinian people without any political agenda.”

The Palestinian ambassador revealed that the Palestinian Embassy, in cooperation with the Palestinian Culture Center, will hold a cultural event in February. “Also, there will be a delegation from the Palestinian ministry of culture to participate in the book fair in Kuwait, along with the participation of Palestinian publishing houses,”Tahboub added.

Spokesperson and volunteer at the Palestinian Culture Center Faten Abu-Ghazaleh, said: “The exhibition aims to revive Palestinian heritage in order not to be forgotten. The occupation stole our culture and handcrafts and our unique embroidery. We are claiming our original identity back.”She added that Palestinian embroidery has been considered one of the most prominent aspects of Palestinian identity through the ages, noting that the exhibition aims to support the steadfastness of the people in Palestine and preserve their heritage in light of repeated attempts by the brutal occupation to obliterate the Palestinian national memory and identity by all means and methods.

Abu-Ghazaleh indicated that the exhibition includes handicrafts, embroideries, dresses and paintings made by Palestinian women, in addition to a book corner that presents the latest developments from global publishers regarding the Palestinian cause.She affirmed that the proceeds of the sale go to support Palestinian women who work on the products in the exhibition, and the rest goes to help needy families, build wells in Gaza, help orphans and children in all regions of Palestine and help young Palestinians recover from addiction in Jerusalem.

Mais Al-Jariri, a participant in the exhibition for 16 years with the Palestinian Culture Center, said: “I am in charge of the ceramics section. Our handicrafts are 100 percent imported from Palestinian factories in the city of Hebron. We sell their products and let people know about the Palestinian ceramics industry, which has extended for hundreds of years, to support Palestinian industry.”

The exhibition runs from Nov 7 to 10 at the Graduates Society from 10 am to 8 pm. A variety of products from Palestine is being displayed as a way to help women from a refugee camp in Jordan. The exhibition will include some activities such as workshops to teach embroidery and encourage children to learn about Palestine.



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